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Creating business value in Production Data Management

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Our Profile

Our Profile


Energy experts

50+ years experience in Production Data Management, Allocation Engineering, Hydrocarbon Accounting and Gas Dispatching & -Storage Management. 

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Global Experience


Global services, local presence

We have global experience and offer our services worldwide, through a network of partners, to secure best in class services delivery to our customers.


Solution agnostic

We are independent of solutions and vendors. By means of a proven methodology we determine the best solution for each situation.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

We effectively lower TCO and increase quality & business value by implementing control over business process, production data storage, -validation, -distribution and -visualisation.

What we do

Our Vision

We deliver business value by supporting our customers in controlling and continuously improving business processes and solutions architecture. We aim to deliver solutions that create single sources of truth for production data and a controlled and auditable business process and automated dataflow, against lower costs.

What we do


Business consulting

Experienced consultants who understand the industries business processes in detail and help to analyse and improve business processes and supporting solutions.

Project management

Proven track record in worldwide implementations, no matter what scale or location.

System implementations and -support

We implement, upgrade and support a wide range of industry standard solutions, including our own solution Metis.

Business intelligence and Reporting

We have experience with a multitude of solutions that help visualise, report and analyse data.

Hydrocarbon accounting- and Dispatching services

For smaller operators we offer Hydrocarbon accounting and Dispatching services. We run the day-to-day processes, our customer has continuous access to dashboards, reports and data.


We work independent of solutions and vendors. If necessary we use a proven methodology to determine the best solution for each situation. The main solutions we work with are:

* Energy Builder

* Energy Components


* Metis

We both implement as well as support Production Data Management solutions, if necessary 24/7. Please contact us in case you're interested in our offering, or would like to get references.

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Energy Builder

EnergyBuilder is the flagship product of eDataViz. It is the result of 50+ man years of experience combined into one comprehensive solution that offers the best of both products; off-the-shelf ready to deploy solution or customizable end-to-end, including production management, storage, transportation, and sales.

EnergyBuilder is being adopted by major oil and gas players across 5 continents, in addition to small and mid-size firms. Strategically designed with a combination of IT, Production Expertise, and Engineering prowess, EnergyBuilder is the improved hydrocarbon accounting solution that is elevating standards of excellence for the rest of the industry.

For more information about eDataViz and EnergyBuilder click here.



HCM is the Production Data Management solution created by Sysco from Norway. HCM is built on Microsoft Azure technology and consists of the follwoing modules:

EnergyX Control

Complete control over the collection and validation of energy data – from production to sales.

EnergyX Dispatch

Modern and cost-effective solution for companies that buy, sell and transport natural gas.

For more information about Sysco and HCM click here.

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Energy Components

Energy Components (EC) is the product of Quorum and is an integrated hydrocarbon management solution which strengthens upstream and midstream businesses by offering fully-integrated functionalities.
EC has been Quorum’s flagship solution for production reporting, allocation and hydrocarbon accounting, for more than three decades. Accumulating a widespread experience over the years, EC has evolved extensively as more knowledge has been captured and new functional areas have been added to the product suite.

For more information about Quorum and Energy Components click here.



Metis is a Greek Godess who is known for her wisdom and deep thoughts and that is what GSES has implemented in its platform. GSES has developed the Metis platform on the latest cloud technology, proven in big (tech) companies. GSES has chosen a different approach with Metis than most other products for Production Data Management: Metis is not an off the shelf product that contains more than required, it is a platform that is adjusted to exactly meet your requirements. Implementation times are extremely fast as well as the performance of the solution. Metis is offered on a subscription basis against extremely competitive prices.

Click here to read more about the background of Metis and how it works.

Next to offering Metis GSES continues to support other products such as Energy Builder, Energy Components and HCM. On the basis of a proven methodology an assessment is made that ranks multiple solutions to your Functional-, IT Technical- and Financial requirements. Please contact us if you would like to discover more about our Services offering or Metis.


Our Partners

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Developer of Energy Builder, a Hydrocarbon Accounting Solution

Global IT Services delivery

Digital Oil Fields, Plant operations and enabling Business Process automation

OSISoft PI Specialists

SYSCO turns complex IT challenges into digital success stories. SYSCO is the developer of HCM 

Global IT Services delivery

Our Partners


Please contact us in case you're interested in our offerings. We're more than happy to setup a meeting with you to discuss your requirements.


Westpoint House,
Prospect Rd
Westhill AB32 6FJ


+44 7774548788

Companies house: SC535255

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GSES Netherlands B.V.

Dorpsstraat 15

9462PJ Gasselte

The Netherlands

+31 652 769167

Companies house: 68479379



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